From roamresearch to org-roam on Windows 10 – an odyssey

In April, 2020, I found and my life changed. This makes a journal usable and worth my time to bother doing. It’s really powerful. If you haven’t met it yet, check out this article:

By the time April was over, I had purchased a Roam tutorial and fully committed for all of three full days before I suddenly balked.

Roamresearch works right out of the box and you can reach your notes from anywhere, and the price of that is expected to be about $15/month, maybe less for students. That works out to $1,800 over ten years and they keep my data.

No. Just no. I want my data under my control and I don’t want to pay for it. I just … no.

I also really love what this does.

Enter org-roam. Holy mackerel. Org-roam was started in February of 2020, and “all” it does is add back-links to Emacs.

Basically, it adds a little something incredibly useful to what I didn’t know was the world’s most powerful “text editor.”

Emacs, however, is for tinkerers. It doesn’t come with a lot of “how to” and setting it up takes a lot of dedication.

It’s really worth it.